Airport Terminal E
Drift race
Normal: (125 / 240)
Object: 40,000 points
Reward TC2Followers.png1,800
Hard: (210 / 240)
Object: 71,500 points
Reward TC2Followers.png2,250
Ace: (240 / 240)
Object: 250,000 points
Reward TC2Followers.png2,520

Airport Terminal E is a drift race event in The Crew 2 that takes place on a closed circuit within Miami Airport. To participate in this race, players must have at least reached Icon level 1 requiring a minimum of 178,000 followers.

The Airport Terminal E drift event takes place in the central eastern area of the Miami Airport, for the most part on either Miad Cir and NW 21st Street or the areas nearby these streets. Here, players will be drifting under the airport transfer tramway as well as under Terminal E, F, G, H and J. For the most part, players will be drifting outside the airport, however, there is a minor section that takes place within the airport area.

Drifting will be done in a clockwise direction.

Opening prologue[]

Latrell JordanThis race, you're doing the family a favor. One of our own had his house burn down, so we're putting on an event to raise money for him. You're in, you've got nothing to lose and all the good karma in the world to gain.

Race route[]