Arch Park Trail
Air race
Normal: (140 / 270)
Time: 03:08.711
Reward TC2Followers.png 2,100
BucksAlphaLogo.png 15,750
Hard: (230 / 270)
Time: 02:34.271
Reward TC2Followers.png 2,625
BucksAlphaLogo.png 19,687
Ace: (270 / 270)
Time: 02:23.871
Reward TC2Followers.png 2,940
BucksAlphaLogo.png 22,050

Arch Park Trail is the name of an air racing event in The Crew 2 that takes place in the Arch Park Trail area around the Canyonlands in Utah.

In this event, players will be flying in a canyon valley as well as near around it and under a bridge. Arch Park Trail is one of the more difficult air races in the game as it requires quick turning and rotations. Players must also avoid hitting the canyon rocks in this race.

Opening prologue

You'll be canyon racing this time out. It takes skill, but remember, you are a precision flier, flying a precision machine –AK

– between giant rock walls. Don't hit the giant rock walls. I'd miss you.HI


Race route

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