Featured in The Crew 2
ManufacturerAudiBlack.png S1 EKS RX quattro
Audi S1 EKS RX quattro
TS 130 mph
210 kmh
Power 580 bhp
Rating 160 / 230

The 2017 Audi S1 EKS RX quattro (also known as the Audi S1 EKS RX or simply Audi S1 RX) is a German rallycross vehicle manufactured by Audi. It is the rallycross version of the Audi S1 that was in production between 2014-2018 and is also the successor of the 1985 Audi Sport quattro S1 E2.

The main purpose of the S1 EKS RX quattro was to compete in the FIA World Rallycross Championship. The S1 EKS RX quattro was built and developed in 2017 by Audi Motorsport and EKS Audi Sport and made its debut at the 2017 FIA WRC season.

Under the hood, the Audi S1 EKS RX quattro comes equipped with a 2L inline-four turbo engine developing 580 horsepower at 930 revolutions per minute.[1]

The Crew 2[]

The Audi S1 EKS RX quattro made its first appearance in The Crew 2 where the vehicle was added to the game on March 3, 2021 alongside with the Ford Fiesta WRC as part of the First Hunt LIVE Summit. The vehicle is listed as a TC2LogoRX.png rallycross vehicle and is only available as such with no standard roadcar model available.

The S1 EKS RX quattro comes pre-equipped with a Red Bull livery with its driver Mattias Ekström (founder of EKS Audi Sport) featured on the rear side windows of the vehicle. The vehicle can be purchased with either Cash 511,700 or with Credits 73,100.


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