Chicago, IL
Population: 2,719,000

Chicago is the third biggest city of the game and the United States and is also the third city you visit in the main story. It is also the biggest city of the Midwest. Other cities of the Midwest are Detroit (east of it) and Saint Louis (south of it). East of the city lays a big lake. (one of the Great Lakes). There is a highway through the city. There is also an interstate highway from North Chicago to Salt Lake City in the Mountain States. South of Chicago, there is a major interstate lane from New York City to the North entrance of the Mountain States. In real-life, Chicago is famous for its landmarks and high crime rate. Chicago is also part of the storyline. In the top left corner of Chicago is the airport where planes can be seen landing and even taking off. There is one mission that takes place on the airport where you must track down another rival. Much like Watch Dogs, there are many bridges going over the great river. Although they do not go up and and down. The suburban areas of Chicago are quite large with a view Detroit like locations. Chicago in the game is filled missions including races and challenges to earn points. Chicago is almost the same size as Detroit. The police in The Crew are bright white with blue decals. Chicago at night is very well lit up with street lights visible from a distance and the sears tower very visible.The city can be seen from Detroit's sandy shore.


  • The Sears Tower
  • The Loop
  • Chicago Stadium(Calumbia Stadium)
  • Chicago Park
  • Suburban District
  • Chicago Bean
  • Chicago International Airport
  • Chicago Theatre
  • Chicago Chinatown


The view from Chicago from West-Detroit.