Both of The Crew titles features various of Cities & Towns based on real-life locations in the United States of America excluding Alaska and Hawaii; both smaller and larger cities. In all, there are 28 out of 50 U.S. states represented in both titles with many of the cities being located in either California or Texas.

Cities & TownsEdit

Image City State Population
TC2Amarillo Amarillo, TX Texas 199,286
TC2Amboy Amboy, CA California 4
TC2Auburn Auburn, CA California 13,963
TC2BarHarbor Bar Harbor, ME Maine 5,264
TC2Barron Barron, WI Wisconsin 3,423
TC2Barstow Barstow, CA California 22,639
TC2Bayonne Bayonne, NJ New Jersey 13,963
TC2BodegaBay Bodega Bay, CA California 1,077
TC2BridgeCity Bridge City, TX Texas 8,300
TC2Calico Calico, CA California 0
Cape Canaveral Cape Canaveral, FL Florida 9,912
TC2Carmel Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA California 3,722
TC2Chattanooga Chattanooga, TN Tennessee 177,571
Chicago Chicago, IL Illinois 2,719,000
TC2Clarksdale Clarksdale, MS Mississippi 16,272
Dallas Dallas, TX Texas
TC2DaytonaBeach Daytona Beach, FL Florida 66,645
Detroit Detroit, MI Michigan 679,903
TC2Dixon Dixon, KY Kentucky 632
TC2Doland Doland, SD South Dakota 180
TC2Dyckesville Dyckesville, WI Wisconsin 538
TC2ElPaso El Paso, TX Texas 649,133
TC2Eureka Eureka, CA California 27,191
TC2FortStockton Fort Stockton, TX Texas 8,283
TC2Fresno Fresno, CA California 527,438
Greenup Greenup, IL Illinois 1,513
TC2Groom Groom, TX Texas 574
TC2Holbrook Holbrook, AZ Arizona 5,053
TC2Hope Hope, IN Indiana 2,102
TC2Jackson Jackson, WY Wyoming 10,529
TC2JerseyCity Jersey City, NJ New Jersey 270,753
TC2Johnstown Johnstown, OH Ohio 4,632
TC2Kenner Kenner, LA Louisiana 66,702
TC2KeyWest Key West, FL Florida 26,990
TC2Kingman Kingman, AZ Arizona 28,068
TC2LasVegas Las Vegas, NV Nevada 612,531
Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA California 3,920,000
Miami Miami, FL Florida 413,892
TC2Millersburg Millersburg, OH Ohio 3,025
TC2Mitchell Mitchell, IN Indiana 4,350
TC2Mojave Mojave, CA California 4,238
TC2Monroe Monroe, MI Michigan 19,986
TC2Nashville Nashville, TN Tennessee 691,243
Natchitoches Natchitoches, LA Louisiana 18,319
TC2NewBraunfels New Braunfels, TX Texas 70,543
New Orleans New Orleans, LA Louisiana 384,355
New York City New York City, NY New York 8,472,000
TC2Newport Newport, RI Rhode Island 24,672
Norfolk Norfolk, VA Virginia 244,703
TC2OldOrchardBeach Old Orchard Beach, ME Maine 8,666
TC2PalmSprings Palm Springs, CA California 44,552
TC2PortArthur Port Arthur, TX Texas 53,818
TC2PortIsabel Port Isabel, TX Texas 5,006
TC2Provincetown Provincetown, MA Massachusetts 2,964
TC2Punxsutawney Punxsutawney, PA Pennsylvania 5,814
TC2Rhyolite Rhyolite, NV Nevada 0
TC2Roswell Roswell, NM New Mexico 48,411
Sacramento Sacramento, CA California 479,000
TC2SaintMary Saint Mary, MT Montana 50
TC2Salem Salem, MA Massachusetts 13,963
Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, UT Utah 193,744
TC2SanBernardino San Bernardino, CA California 216,955
San Francisco San Francisco, CA California 852,237
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA California 91,196
TC2SantaFe Santa Fe, NM New Mexico 67,947
Ajmthecrewseattleskyspaceneedle Seattle, WA Washington 730,400
TC2SouthPadreIsland South Padre Island, TX Texas 2,816
TC2StGeorge St. George, UT Utah 8,316
St. Louis St. Louis, MO Missouri 317,222
TC2Stockbridge Stockbridge, MA Massachusetts 1,947
TC2Tampa Tampa, FL Florida 377,165
TC2TetonVillage Teton Village, WY Wyoming 330
TC2Tumacacori Tumacacori, AZ Arizona 393
Washington D.C. Washington D.C. D.C. 693,372
TC2GlacierParkEntrance West Glacier, MT Montana 227
TC2WestPoint West Point, NY New York 6,763
TC2Winslow Winslow, AZ Arizona 9,655
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