Colorado River Banks
Jetsprint race
Normal: (30 / 120)
Time: 02:27.036
Reward TC2Followers.png1,800
Hard: (90 / 120)
Time: 01:42.565
Reward TC2Followers.png2,250
Ace: (120 / 120)
Time: 01:36.132
Reward TC2Followers.png2,520

Colorado River Banks is the name of two-lap jetsprint circuit event in The Crew 2 taking place in the Colorado River Banks area near the Grand Canyon. The event shares the same drive-in spot with the Hoodlum jetsprint event.

Opening prologue[edit | edit source]

Emmett ParkerRed rocks and blue water, add some kids and you've got yourself a swimming hole. It's going to look like a postcard out there, but don't let that distract you from your run. There's going to be some tight spaces to fit through.
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