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[[Category:Vehicles in The Crew 2]]
[[Category:Vehicles in The Crew 2]]
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[[Category:British vehicles]]

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Featured in The Crew 2
ManufacturerCreators.png K.S. Masked Leader
Creators K.S. Masked Leader
TS Unknown
Power Unknown
Rating 240 / 320

The 2020 Creators K.S. Masked Leader is a British fictional hypercar manufactured by the fictional car company Creators. Designed by British 3D artist Khyzyl Saleem,[1][2] it was first introduced to The Crew 2 as an AI-controlled car in hypercar Chase events with the Chase update, and later became available as a reward car as part of the Hunt LIVE Summit.

The car comes with its own livery, which has gloss black lines going diagonally across the car in pairs of two.


The Creators K.S. Masked Leader is the first hypercar to resemble the mechanics of Demolition Derby cars, as well as the first hypercar to have a Demolition Derby health bar and the first hypercar to have a Demolition Derby interior. It has a slightly modified interior of the Fender Firenze.

However, unlike Demolition Derby cars, when the car is damaged, this health bar will not deplete. This makes it so that it cannot be destroyed by ramming or crashing. The car has fully black tinted windows, therefore the interior is not visible from outside. However, from the cockpit camera view, the outside view is fully visible with no effect of the black tinted windows.

In Khyzyl Saleem's interview[3] with Ubisoft, he said that he was given a cache by the developers, and he then built the car around it. He was told to make a mean looking muscle car that would be driven by a boss. In-game, his K.S. logo can be seen on the steering wheel of the car in cockpit camera view.

The Crew 2

The Creators K.S. Masked Leader initially appeared as an AI-controlled car in hypercar Chase events from the launch of the Chase update, but later became an exclusive vehicle to S1/E2 of the MotorPass as part of the The Hunt LIVE Summit. It is obtainable for free by reaching the 49th tier of the MotorPass.



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