The South (Texas)





Dallas is a city in The South of The Crew and The Crew 2. Dallas, is the third largest city in the south. It is not far from New Orleans and has many landmarks. In the entrance of Dallas is the large highway interchange. It is larger than St. Louis and Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans. In the outskirts of Dallas is a large oil field and a large suburban area. There is no airport nor a train station. Dallas overall is a large city. There are a fair amount of real life landmarks such as the Reunion Tower, the Dallas Art Museum and more. The highways of Dallas are also painted a certain Texan style. During the night Dallas can be seen from the Great Plains. In Dallas is also a large suburban area with real life buildings and super markets,gas stations etc. The Reunion Tower is also lit up in green. Police in Dallas are green with brown decals. Further outside the city are small chemical plants and oil pumps. There are missions and challenges scattered all over the map.

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

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