Dallas SquadX Event
Rallycross race
Normal: (105 / 230)
Object: Finish In The Top 3
Reward TC2Followers.png2,100
Hard: (200 / 230)
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png2,625
Ace: (230 / 230)
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png2,940

Dallas SquadX Event is a rallycross event in The Crew 2 that was added post-launch on December 5, 2018 as part of the King of Mayhem update DLC alongside with the Central Valley Endurfix Event and the Ski Jump Valley rallycross events amongst other events.

The event takes place on the rallycross circuit outside of Dallas, Texas in Hill Country and features sections taking place on asphalt, mud and water.

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