Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby is a discipline part of the Freestyle Motorsport Family that appears exclusively in The Crew 2. Demolition Derby was added with the King of Mayhem update on December 5th, 2018. In The Crew 2 there are two different modes of Demolition Derby, namely a demolition mode and a racing mode.

In the first mentioned mode, the objective is to reach as many points as possible, an objective that can be reached through smashing, damaging and wrecking other players in the race whilst in races players must simply finish first or in a top podium position. If players manage to eliminate multiple players within a short period of time, they will be in a "killstreak" mode until their vehicles themselves become wrecked. Throughout the events, bonuses appear that players can take in order to get an advantage in the event that they are competing in.

Whenever another player is high on damage, grey smoke may be seen coming out through their engine. If orange smoke appears it means that the player has been wrecked and that they will respawn shortly with their vehicle to its condition restored. Hitting a vehicle with orange smoke will not give players any points.

If players wreck their vehicle in a derby event, they will lose -5,000 points. Wrecking other players will give the player 10,000 points for each player that they wreck. Self-destructing their own vehicle (resetting it) will lead to a loss of -10,000 points. Scores cannot be negative thus players will never have less than 0 points. Throughout the event, players may grab repair bonuses whenever they appear. These bonuses will restore their vehicles to their original condition, however, competition around these bonuses are to be expected.

There are two arenas dedicated for Demolition Derby events. They can be found at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah north of Las Vegas and at the Tucson Aircraft Cemetary in Arizona, near Winslow. The arena at the Tucson Aircraft Cemetary is exclusively used for demolition derby racing events.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

The vehicles that players can use in Demolition Derby are restricted to those of the Fender brand. This is due to licensing issues and a general dislike of car manufacturers having their vehicles damaged to the level that can be seen in demolition derby. Currently, there are five demolition derby discipline vehicles that players can use, however, they all perform more or less the same and are only visually different.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

There are three different types of bonuses that appear throughout the race. These are:

  • Damage bonus: Players will receive a greater ramming impact for a limited time if they grab this bonus. Notice that this bonus does not make the player immune from becoming wrecked.
  • Points bonus: Players will receive a 10,000-point boost to their score if they grab this bonus. These do not appear in any of the race-oriented events or in Carnage.
  • Repair bonus: Players will have their vehicles repaired to its original condition if they grab this bonus. Appears in all events except Carnage.

Additional points[edit | edit source]

Players receieve additional points if they manage to do the following when damaging other players:

  • Assisting another player to destroy a player (Kill assist)
  • Crushing another player (Crush)
  • Destroy a vehicle completely (Vehicle destroyed)
  • Destroy a vehicle part (Part destroyed)
  • Make a player roll their vehicle (Roll)
  • Make a player spin their vehicle (Spin)

Events[edit | edit source]

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