Detroit, MI
Population: 679,903

Detroit, Michigan is a city located in the Midwest. It is the first city the player visits to learn about the basics in The Crew. It is a heavy industrialized city. Detroit is the second largest city in the Midwest and is not far away from the even bigger city in the game, Chicago. There is a semi-highway (highway with non-highway sections) which traverses due the city from Chicago Greater Area until St. Louis. There is also a small ring which lays in the heart of the city.

It is the city where the player begins the game.

In Real Life[edit | edit source]

Detroit is the biggest city of Michigan. It is the heart of the Great Industrial Belt in the center of America. It is famous for the car industry, and is home of GM, Ford and Chrysler. It is home to 4 major league sport teams, Pistons of the NBA, Lions of the NFL, Red Wings of the NHL and the Tigers of the MLB.

Neighborhoods[edit | edit source]

Landmarks[edit | edit source]


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