Detroit Interstate
Street race
Normal: (100 / 280)
Object: Finish In The Top 3
Reward TC2Followers.png2,100
Hard: (230 / 280)
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png2,625
Ace: (280 / 280)
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png2,940

Detroit Interstate is a two-lap circuit street-race in The Crew 2 that takes place in and around Detroit. To participate in the event, players must have reached the popular fame level in-game requiring at least 18,000 followers. In this event, players will race against older vehicles from the 1970s.

The race in itself is mostly straight as the event takes place for the most part on the Detroit interstate highways but features some sharp 90-degree corners in the city center.

Trivially, Detroit is home to many American car manufacturers which some make an appearance in this race. These manufacturers include Chevrolet, Dodge and Shelby.

Opening prologue[edit | edit source]

Latrell JordanYou're going up against classic American muscle cars from the 70s, and you're doing it on their home stamping grounds. These cars are legends. To beat them, you're going to have to flex some serious muscle of your own.

Race route[edit | edit source]

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