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Risk it all, always, but have fun doing it!

The Freestyle Motorsport Family is one of the Motorsports Families in The Crew 2.

  • Mentor: Emmett Lee Parker - Advocate of DYI and spectacle.
  • Rival: Sofia Valentina Herrera - Looking for healthy competition, fun, and excitement.
  • Meeting Place: The Barn - Big Bend National Park, at the southern border of the US.


Monstertrucks Monster Truck[]

  • Terrain: Arenas including jumps, high places, loops, etc.
  • Vehicle: Monster Truck
  • Challenge: Welcome to the arena. In this surprising environment, freestyle is the key word. Take control of a huge, powerful monster truck and perform as many crazy stunts as possible in a limited amount of time.

Aerobatic Planes Aerobatics[]

  • Terrain: Large open space with stunning views and perfect meteorological conditions
  • Vehicle: Plane
  • Challenge: Take a seat in these acrobatics airplanes and perform the most incredible tricks through the big sky of America. In these contests, creativity is what it takes to be the greatest pilot!

Jetsprints Jetsprint[]

  • Terrain: Swamps, shallow waters, and twisting series of channels
  • Vehicle: Jetsprint Boat
  • Challenge: Take the wheel of a small but highly responsive boat to perform the fastest time. But be careful, those sinuous water streams are unpredictable and require adaptability, control, and precision.