Spend 2 hours playing The Crew
Drive 200 laps around the Little Eagle Speedroom in total
Secret Award (Find the giant cow in the MidWest)
Drive a lap around the Windmill racetrack within 1m 30s
Discover 35 named locations
Access 3 data stations
Access 6 data stations
Drive 500 miles
Drive to the Badlands, Dairyland, and Dakota Grasslands landmarks in a session
Drive to Doland, Mother Road 66, and Little Eagle Speedrome landmarks in a session
Drive to the Navy Pier, Lower Peninsula, and Lake Erie landmarks in a session
Drive to the Black Hills, Blue Grass, and Holmes County Fields landmarks in a session
Complete 20 missions
Complete 50 skills
Complete 10 PvP events
Achieve a 100% completion stat
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