Featured in The Crew 2
ManufacturerKTMBlack.png X-Bow R
TS 143 mph
231 kmh
Power 300 bhp
Rating 138 / 280

The 2016 KTM X-Bow R (pronounced as crossbow) is an Austrian lightweight sportscar and is equipped with a 2.0L engine.

The Crew 2[]

The KTM X-Bow R made its first appearance in The Crew 2, however, it was not part of the original vehicle line-up but was added in the 2018 July vehicle drop on July 25th, 2018, where it was first made exclusive to players with a season pass. Players who did not own a season pass were granted access to the vehicle on August 1st, 2018, at a pricetag of Cash 275,800 in bucks and Credits 39,400 in credits.

An Alpha GP model was later added as part of the US Speed Tour East update on July 8,2021 and can be purchased at any time with either Cash 671,439 or with Credits 95,919.

Spear Racing Edition[]

A special variant of the KTM X-Bow R Alpha GP named Spear Racing edition is a modified version of the car that features an altered bodykit and a livery reprensting the Spear Racing team. It was added to the game as part of the afromentioned update and is an exclusive vehicle to S3/E1 of the MotorPass. It can be obtained by purchasing the premium pack of the MotorPass.

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