LIVE Battle is a PvP mode used in The Crew 2 where players can compete against each other in different events. PvP was added into the game post-launch with the King of Mayhem update DLC on December 5th, 2018, around five months after the initial release of the game.

Players can find the LIVE Battle mode in each of the family headquarters as well as on the main menu (which will travel the player to the Street racing HQ in Los Angeles). From there on, players can select which playlist they would like to participate in. Once a lobby has been found, players can vote on which event in a line-up of four random pre-selected events they wish to participate in. A "revenge" option is also present starting from the second session in a lobby where players can replay the recent event if enough players have voted for that option. A lobby can only have eight participants at its maximum and the event with most votes will be the one selected. Once an event has been selected, players can choose from a selection of vehicles that passes with the event requirements.

All vehicles will perform at their maximum rating regardless if a player has maxed out their vehicle's performance in advance or not in order to promote pure racing skill. Because of this, affixes on performance parts as well as icon points are disabled during LIVE Battles. Collisions and traffic are disabled by default but do occasionally appear in some playlists such as the Demolition Derby playlist where collisions are always enabled.


Progress in LIVE Battles are recorded through league rankings. At the end of an event, players may earn points that will put them in a league division. Each league (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) has four divisions (I, II, III, IV) and players may either gain or lose points depending on their position during a race. Points are being given in relation to how many players have participated in an event meaning that players can for example win 9 points in the Bronze leauge if they finish third with eight players participating but lose points if they finish third with three players participating. In order to level up, players need to gain 100 points for each level. The system is identical to the PvP ranking system in the first installment of The Crew.

  • Players are rewarded with 9 points for each top position when competing in the Bronze league.
  • Players are rewarded with 6 points for each top position when competing in the Silver league.
  • Players are rewarded with 4 points for each top position when competing in the Golden league.

Rewards are doubled when players reach a top position in an event that promotes them to the next division.