LIVE Summit is a Player vs. Environment (PvE) gaming mode released on April 24th, 2019 as part of the Hot Shots update. It was first revealed in the Live from Ivory Tower livestream, streamed on Twitch and YouTube on March 26th, 2019.[1] The LIVE Summit features themed activities that will be updated on a weekly basis. Players will be able to find the LIVE Summit in any of the headquarters once released. LIVE Summit is similar to The Summit featured in the first instalment of The Crew.

Players who participate in the LIVE Summit have a chance of winning different tiered prizes depending on their positions on the leaderboard which is separate for each platform (PC/PS4/Xbox One/Stadia). The players who manage to finish in the top 11,000 on PlayStation 4, 4000 on PC, 2100 on Xbox One and 100 on Stadia (3000 prior to the US Speed Tour East update) will be granted the platinum tiered prize and all tiered prizes below (gold, silver and bronze) which is the highest reward whilst players who finish in the top 21,000 on PlayStation 4, 8000 on PC, 4200 on Xbox One and 200 on Stadia (8000 on all platforms prior to the aforementioned update) and top 41,000 on PlayStation 4, 15,000 on PC, 8500 on Xbox One and 400 on Stadia (15,000 on all platforms prior to the aforementioned update) will be rewarded with the golden and respectively silver tiered prizes and its tiered prizes below. Players who rank below those threshold on the leaderboard whilst participating in the LIVE Summit will be rewarded with the bronze tiered prize. LIVE Summits last for a week and are updated every Wednesday at 04.00 UTC.

Rewards typically include a certain amount of followers, single or multiple vanity parts, performance parts, spare part points and vehicles, which some are unreleased. If players already happen to own a vehicle that is featured in a Summit, they will instead be given a full refund of their purchase in bucks regardless of which currency they purchased the vehicle. Players that purchased vehicles with discounts (including bundles) will be refunded the full non-discounted price.

The LIVE Summit features three different skill events and five racing events of different types to complete. Unique to the LIVE Summit is the combination racing events where players must race with a different vehicle than what is usually intended for a discipline, i.e. using an Alpha Grand Prix vehicle for a street race event or a street racing motorbike for a hypercar event. Once an event or skill has been completed, players will be given points. The better a player performs in an event, the more points they will receive. Once all skills and events featured in the summit has been completed, players will be granted a 100,000 points bonus. Players can view their current leaderboard position without entering the game by visiting the Hub website.[2]

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