Featured in The Crew 2Featured in The Crew
ManufacturerLamborghini.png Aventador LP700-4
Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
TS 217 mph
350 kmh
Power 700 bhp
Rating 227 / 320

The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is an Italian two-door sports coupe equipped with a 6.5L V12 engine. The Aventador acts as the successor to the Murciélago, Lamborghini's previous flagship model. Production of the Aventador began in 2011 with a production limit of 4,000 units intentionally planned, however, five years later, Lamborghini had more than 5,000 units.

The transmission is a single- clutch seven- speed semi automatic. Hence the "4" in the LP 700-4 namesake, it has a 4 wheel drive system built by an out of house Swedish manufacturer. The 4 wheel drive system offers improved traction and handling abilities. The "700" refers to the car having 700 PS, which converts roughly to 691 horsepower. The car has been received very well in real life, winning Top Gear's "Supercar of the Year" in 2011, and Car and Driver magazine titled their article on this car "The Best Lamborghini Ever".

The Crew[]

The Aventador made its first appearance in the first installment of The Crew where it has proven to be quite popular among players as it appears frequenty in PvP lobbies of The Crew. Players can purchase this car from the car dealer in Los Angeles, CA, with either 567,000 bucks or 125,987 credits. The Aventador is only available in perf. spec.

The Crew 2[]

The Aventador made a re-appearance in the second installment of The Crew and is available two different variants, namely as a TC2LogoHC.png hypercar which is the Aventador's stock version and as a TC2LogoDF.png drift racing car especially made for Drift racing events.

Type Image Name TPS Power Rating Cost
Hypercars TC2LamborghiniAventadorLP7004.png ManufacturerLamborghini.png Aventador LP 700-4 217 mph
350 kmh
 / 320
Drift cars TC2LamborghiniAventadorLP7004DF.png ManufacturerLamborghini.png Aventador LP 700-4 217 mph
350 kmh
 / 240
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