Los Angeles
Hypercar race
Normal: (230 / 320)
Object: Finish In The Top 3
Reward TC2Followers.png9,000
Hard: (290 / 320)
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png11,250
Ace: (320 / 320)
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png12,600

Los Angeles is a hypercar sprint race in The Crew 2. As the name of the race suggests, the race begins in Los Angeles, CA and ends in Seattle, WA with a visit in San Francisco, CA, in between. It is one of the longest races in-game.

To participate in this race, players must have at least reached Icon level 1 requiring a minimum of 178,000 followers.

Opening prologue[edit | edit source]

Latrell JordanThing you've got to understand about Tio - we may have our differences, but I have to admit he plays it straight. He earns everything he brags about, he races honest. That being said, take your hypercar from LA to Seattle and hyper-kick his ass.

Race route[edit | edit source]

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