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ManufacturerMcLarenBlack.png F1
McLaren F1
TS 239 mph
386 kmh
Power 627 bhp
Rating 241 / 320

The McLaren F1 is a British sports car manufactured by McLaren. Production started in 1992, and ended in 1998. The car gained notoriety for being the fastest car in world for a long time. In 1998, an F1 prototype reached an astonishing speed of 240 mph (387

kmh) with the limiter removed, beating every production car in at the time. With the limiter, the top speed of the car is 231 mph (372 kmh). This record lasted till 2007 until it was beaten by the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 but is still the fastest naturally aspirated car.

The F1 has a BMW 6.1L V12 mounted in the middle of the car, mated to a 6 speed manual transmission. The V12 produces 627 BHP, and is rear-wheel drive. In McLaren's effort to create the ultimate road car, balancing what people expect from a supercar with practicality, lead to the car being a three seater. The driver sits in the middle, and there are two passenger seat to the right and left. The driver has excellent visibility, with an almost unobstructed view of the road. The driver also gets two interior mirrors, one each mounted on the two A-pillars.

Despite not being track focused, there was some racing versions, such as the F1 GTR and the F1 LM. The goal of this car was low weight, and high power. This was met with an uncompromised formula of expensive materials such as carbon fiber, CFRP, titanium, magnesium, Kevlar, and even 16 grams of gold. The F1 was the first car to have a carbon monocoque chassis, similar to the present- day Alfa Romeo 4C.

Only 106 of these cars were built, including the 5 prototypes, the 64 road (fullstock) versions, the 5 LM (Pref) versions, the 1 LM prototype, 2 Longtail versions, a Longtail prototype, and 28 GTR race cars. McLaren still maintains service of all the F1 cars, services ranging from oil changes to major structural damage. Even in its classic age, the F1 still is one of the most respected cars in the world. Values have exceeded $15,000,000 dollars at auctions.

The Crew[]

The McLaren F1 appeared in The Crew as part of the Raid Pack DLC.

The Crew 2[]

The McLaren F1 re-appeared in The Crew 2 where it is listed as a TC2LogoHC.png hypercar and is only available as such. It can be bought with either Cash 843,500 or with Credits 120,500.