Off-Road - Motorsport Family - The Crew 2
Driving is being free, and going where no one else does.

The Off-Road Motorsport Family is one of the Motorsports Families in The Crew 2.

  • Mentor: Wade Palmer - A social butterfly. He's here for fame and money.
  • Rival: Tuck Morgan - Likes nothing more than to be on his own in the wild.
  • Meeting Place: The Basecamp - Monument Valley is a symbol of the USA and the perfect place for nature lovers.

Disciplines Edit

TC2LogoRX Rallycross Edit

  • Terrain: Mix of dirt and asphalt, featuring spectacular jumps and drifts
  • Vehicle: Rally Cars
  • Challenge: Join a spectacular competition where you will have to race between asphalt and mud. Feel free to go wild and entertain the crowd.

TC2LogoMX Motocross Edit

  • Terrain: Muddy tracks with tight turns and obstacles
  • Vehicles: Motocross Bikes
  • Challenge: Don't be afraid to get muddy! In those motocross races, you will have to overcome obstacles and the toughest banking curves to be the first on the finish line.

TC2LogoRR Rally Raid Edit

  • Terrain: Wild natural landscapes
  • Vehicle: Raid Car or Bike
  • Challenges: Step in the beautifully diversified open world of the USA and be the fastest to reach the objective! In those races, no roads required; you are free to forge your own path through wilderness.