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In The Crew 2, players are able to take pictures using the in-game photo mode. The photo mode can in turn be used to complete photo ops that will reward the player with at least 2,000 followers and 15,000 in-game bucks for each completed photo op. Some photo op's are easier than others to complete with some requiring the player to be at a certain location or certain time of day or using a certain type of vehicle (sometimes a combination of these). Some of them has to be done together with another player.

Each time the player has an oppurtunity to complete a photo op, a pink notification will appear in the bottom center of the screen (given that the player hasn't disabled this function in their settings), however, players can also pin and un-pin photo op's directly from the 'Activities' tab in the in-game menu.

Auburn Courthouse - The Crew 2
When a photo opportunity is pinned there are some grey lines in the upper left corner that tell the player the requirements for the photo. If a requirement fulfilled the line turns from grey to green. When all lines are green the photo can be taken and the player will get the mentioned reward.

The photo mode features a rewind and forward option that allows the player to scroll through the last 10 minutes of gameplay. This may be useful to find the perfect spot for the photo. It is also possible to pin the photo op after the photo requirements would have been fulfilled and then use the rewind option to find them again.

Photo OP's can only be done once thus once when a photo OP is completed, they cannot be redone.

Street racingEdit


Photo Map Details
TC2Perfection WikiPlaceholder Perfection  Anywhere
A Hypercar is all you need to feel at home.
TC2JumpAround WikiPlaceholder Jump Around  Anywhere
Jump with any Drag Race vehicle.
TC2DriftingInTheRain WikiPlaceholder Drifting In The Rain  Anywhere
Drift under rain with any Drift vehicle.
TC2RoundSquare WikiPlaceholder Round & Square  New York City, NY
Perform a Donut in Times Square (New York & Midtown) with any vehicle.
TC2CamaroNight WikiPlaceholder Camaro Night  Anywhere
Showcase the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Street Race at night, burning.
TC2ExpressDelivery WikiPlaceholder Express Delivery  San Francisco, CA
Drift through the Dragon's gate in San Francisco with any Street Race vehicle.


Photo Map Details
TC2Guilty WikiPlaceholder Guilty  Auburn, CA
The Auburn's Courthouse (north-east of San Francisco)
TC2WreckedShip WikiPlaceholder Wrecked Ship  Lake Erie, OH
Just an old, wrecked ship, south of Lake Erie. (east of Detroit)
TC2GhostChurch WikiPlaceholder Ghost Church  Calico, CA
Calico's Church looks in decent condition for a ghost town parish. (south of Las Vegas)
TC2Unisphere WikiPlaceholder Unisphere  New York, NY
The Unisphere in the Flushing Meadows of Corona Park. (New York)
TC2HotChocolate WikiPlaceholder Hot Chocolate  Salt Lake City Resorts, UT
After a day of Skying, we used to relax and enjoy the view from that Inn. (n.e. of Freestyle HQ)
TC2RoomWithAView WikiPlaceholder Room With A View  Ivory Springs Valley, MD
The Fermont Banff Springs Hotel dominates Ivory Springs Valley. (north)
TC2CruiseInParadise WikiPlaceholder Cruise In Paradise  Key West, FL
Panoramic around Key West's Cruise ship. (south of Miami)
TC2GasStation WikiPlaceholder Gas Station  Kingman, AZ
Just an old Gas Station near Black Mount, (south of Las Vegas)


Photo Map Details
TC2GoldenGateBridgeOP TC2GoldenGateBridgeOPMap Golden Gate Bridge  San Francisco, CA
Take a Photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. (San Francisco)
TC2LadyLibertyOP WikiPlaceholder Lady Liberty  New York City, NY
Take a Photo of the green lady. (New York
TC2Foggy WikiPlaceholder Foggy  New York City, NY
The Queensborough Bridge emerging from the fog. (New York
TC2CapitolOP WikiPlaceholder Capitol  Washington D.C., DC
Take a Photo of the Capitol. (Washington)
TC2StripOP WikiPlaceholder Strip  Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Strip by night.
TC2PentagonOP WikiPlaceholder Pentagon  Washington D.C., VA
Take an aerial photo of the Pentagon. (Washingtown)
TC2PiggyBank WikiPlaceholder Piggy Bank  Los Angeles, CA
Take a Photo of the top of the US Bank Tower. (Los Angeles)

Street Line-upEdit

Photo Map Details
TC2SaltySpeedOP 80px Salty Speed  Bonneville Salt Flats, UT
Take a picture of BSF Billboard with a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 (HC) at High speed.
TC2DriftExitOP 80px Drift Exit  Amarillo, TX
Drift with a Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 (DF) by the exit of parking (e. of Amarillo)
TC2WingsOP 80px Wings  Detroit, MI
Take (SR) Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) & GT-R near the statue with wings in the garden (n. of Detroit).
TC2PalmSpringsOP 80px Palm Springs  Los Angeles, CA
Take the Palm Springs sign with a Harley-Davidson Street Glide Street Race (East of Los Angeles).
TC2GoldRushOP 80px Gold Rush  Seattle, WA
Put your Ducati Panigale R street race and Gold Center logo in the same Frame (Seattle city Center).
TC2GraffitiOP 80px Graffiti  Detroit, MI
Take a picture of a Ferrari F40 (SR) near the car recycle place with any Graffiti on walls (EM).
TC2TripleCircleOP 80px Triple Circle  Miami, FL
Perform a Donut using Mazda RX-7 (DF) between the two helicopter platforms (Miami Airport)
TC2LIVEJumpOP 80px LIVE Jump  Central Coast, CA
Find out the hidden ramp between Central Coast and Los Padres, Jump Out with Agera R (HC).
TC200TheatreOP 80px 00 Theatre  Chicago, IL
Find the "00 Drive-In" Billboard in Kansas Sunflower Fields with Ninja H2 street race. (s.w. Chicago)



Photo Map Details
TC2RushForMore WikiPlaceholder Rush For More  Keystone, SD
Ever heard of Mount Rushmore (west of Chicago)?
TC2GoEastForMitten WikiPlaceholder Go East For Mitten  Navajo Trail, AZ
The East Mitten Butte is kinda Monumental in this Valley (near Offroad HQ.
TC2CapeCodBayOP WikiPlaceholder Cape Cod Bay  Provincetown, MA
Cape Cod bay... Just like a postcard (north-east of New York).
TC2EvergladesOP WikiPlaceholder Everglades  Everglades, FL
At the center of the Everglades park, stands this majestic Cypress (near Miami.)
TC2NiagaraFallsOP WikiPlaceholder Niagara Falls  Niagara Falls, NY
View of the huge Niagara falls (north of New York).
TC2MeteorCraterOP WikiPlaceholder Meteor Crater  Meteor Crater, AZ
Aerial view of the Meteor Crater (south-west of the Offroad HQ).
TC2GrandCanyonOP WikiPlaceholder Grand Canyon  Grand Canyon, AZ
Take a picture where the Canyon cuts the River (west of Offroad HQ).

On The EdgeEdit

Photo Map Details
TC2DamHigh WikiPlaceholder Dam' High  Folsom Dam, CA
Wheeling on top of Folsom's Dam with any Bike. (north of San Francisco
TC2Slippery WikiPlaceholder Slippery  White Mountains, NH
Stand at the Edge of Seaside Waterfall near White Mountains with a Motocross vehicle. (n. of NY)
TC2IvorysPeak WikiPlaceholder Ivory's Peak  Ivory Spring, MD
Bring your Proto Buggy Rally Raid vehicle on Ivory Spring Valley's tallest iced peak. (north)
TC2MtMoriah WikiPlaceholder Mt. Moriah  Mt. Moriah, NV
Despite the lack of ring, riding its top is perfect for a Rally Raid vehicle. (north of Las Vegas)
TC2PikesPeakOP WikiPlaceholder Pikes Peak  Pikes Peak, CO
Ride the highest edge of Pikes Peak with a Rally cross vehicle. (south west of Chicago)
TC2WhiteMountainsOP WikiPlaceholder White Mountains  White Mountains, NH
Ride the top of the White Mountains with a Motocross vehicle. (north of New York)
TC2LasMountainsOP WikiPlaceholder Las Mountains  Las Vegas, NV
Climb the tallest mountain south east to Las Vegas, in Rally Raid vehicle
TC2SaltyPeakOP WikiPlaceholder Salty Peak  Great Salt Lake, UT
Ride the top of the mountain peak, North west to the Great Salt Lake in Rally cross vehicle.

Wild LifeEdit

Photo Map Details
TC2BearWithMe WikiPlaceholder Bear With Me  Anywhere
Look out for the Bear.
TC2Mangrove WikiPlaceholder Mangrove  Anywhere
Crocodile or Alligator, doesn't matter. Just be careful!
TC2Antler WikiPlaceholder Antler  Anywhere
Spot a Stag, my deer!
TC2Befriend WikiPlaceholder Befriend  Anywhere
Look out for a wild Ox.
TC2DanceWithWolves WikiPlaceholder Dance With Wolves  Anywhere
Find a Wolf, roaming in the snow.
TC2FlightOfTheCondor WikiPlaceholder Flight Of The Condor  Anywhere
Capture the splendor of the Condor!
TC2Buffalo WikiPlaceholder Buffalo  Anywhere
This animal is used to be a Symbol of strength for the Natives.
TC2Coyote WikiPlaceholder Coyote  Anywhere
As wild as it might get, this one won't ask for a tip.
TC2Pink WikiPlaceholder Pink  Anywhere
Pink seems to be the new obsession. Find a tall pink bird.
TC2Spirited WikiPlaceholder Spirited  Anywhere
Mooses are seen by the Natives as a symbol of self-esteem and masculine energy.


Photo Map Details
80px WikiPlaceholder Precise  Anywhere
Hovercraft is not an easy beast to control. Perform a near miss with it to show off.
80px WikiPlaceholder Mini & Hovercraft  Anywhere
Hovercraft BumbleBEEX is almost as big as a Mini Cooper car, take a photo of them both.
80px WikiPlaceholder Mountain & Lake  Black Mount, NV
Reach the top of the Black Mount and there will be a lake, best task for an hovercraft.
80px WikiPlaceholder Jump Over  Folsom Dam, CA
Jump over the Folsom Dam with any Hovercraft.
80px WikiPlaceholder Stadium Field  Seattle, WA
Land on the roof of the stadium with any hovercraft.
80px WikiPlaceholder Parade  San Francisco, CA
Stand on the battleship with any hovercraft, like a boss (San Francisco harbor).
80px WikiPlaceholder Refuel  New Orleans, LA
Stop by the gas station east of New Orleans and get some refreshment for you and the hovercraft.
80px WikiPlaceholder Train Catcher  Anywhere
Catch the train with any hovercraft.



Photo Map Details
TC2MonsterCo WikiPlaceholder Monster & Co.  Newport, RI
A Monster Truck performing air trick in STORMX ARENA's Playground. (east of New York)
TC2FrenchKiss WikiPlaceholder French Kiss  Las Vegas, NV
Fly through the Eiffel Tower Replica... head down! (Las Vegas)
TC2OverTheHead WikiPlaceholder Over The Head  Anywhere
Jump over a Ferrari with a Monster Truck
TC2TopNotch WikiPlaceholder Top Notch  Anywhere
Fly through the Notch on the West Mitten Butte. (near Offroad HQ)
TC2NotAScratch WikiPlaceholder Not A Scratch  Anywhere
Perform a close brake with another player... in Monster Truck
TC2AgainstTheFlow WikiPlaceholder Against The Flow  Stockbridge, MA
Jump from North Woods Waterfall (north of New York) in Powerboat
TC2LikeABreeze WikiPlaceholder Like A Breeze  Big Bend, TX
Fly through the Wind turbines near Big Bend (west of Dallas with any Aerobatics plane
TC2Vestige WikiPlaceholder Vestige  Amboy, CA
Fly through the ruins North of Black Mount (east of Los Angeles with any Aerobatics plane.

King of the HillEdit

Photo Map Details
TC2KingOfEgypt WikiPlaceholder King Of Egypt  Las Vegas, NV
Yeah, you just need a Pyramid, to reach its top. (Las Vegas)
TC2KingOfThePlant WikiPlaceholder King Of The Plant  Anywhere
Stand atop of the Nuclear Power Plant silo (west of Chicago with a Monster Truck.
TC2KingOfTheRodeo WikiPlaceholder King Of The Rodeo  Anywhere
Take your Monster Truck and tame the biggest cow, North of Dairyland. (north-west of Chicago)
TC2KingOfThePeddle WikiPlaceholder King Of The Peddle  Lake Superior
Overfly the PeddleWheel boat on Lake Superior head down at dawn with any plane.
TC2KingOfTheGraveyard WikiPlaceholder King Of The Graveyard  Tucson Aircraft Cemetary, AZ
Fly higher than those planes in Big Land, with any plane. (south-east of Los Angeles)
TC2KingOfTheValley WikiPlaceholder King Of The Valley  Monument Valley, AZ
Stand atop the highest Pole in Monument Valley. (south of Offroad HQ
TC2KingOfWallStreet WikiPlaceholder King Of Wall Street  New York City, NY
Wall Street? Wall ride... with a Monster Truck (Financial District / New York)


Photo Map Details
TC2Home WikiPlaceholder Home  Anywhere
Reproduce a famous movie shot with the moon and... a bike, duh!
TC2Hover1 WikiPlaceholder Hover-1  Long Island Speedrome, NY
Race in Long Island Speedrome (east of New York) ... on Hovercraft, baby!
80px WikiPlaceholder Sail High  Ski Jump
How far would a Jetsrpint jump from an official Ski Jump? (north-east of Freestyle HQ)
TC2WreckedWheel WikiPlaceholder Wrecked Wheel  Anywhere
Another Wrecked paddlewheel boat on the bank of Mississippi. (west of Chicago)
80px TC2DinoMap Dino  Santa Monica, CA
Even Dinos go green in South Pacific. (Los Angeles / Santa Monica)


Photo Map Details
80px WikiPlaceholder Destruction  Anywhere
Take a picture of the moment of your demolition derby car destroyed just after collision.
80px WikiPlaceholder Heal Up  Yellowstone, WY
Enjoy the large spring on the east of Yellowstone park, with your damaged demolition derby car.
80px WikiPlaceholder Movie Scene  Griffith Park, CA
Crash into the Hollywood sign with your Demolition Derby car, like what they do in a movie!
80px WikiPlaceholder Real Monster  Anywhere
Who is the real monster? Monster Truck or a Demolition Derby Car? Take a photo of them both!
80px WikiPlaceholder Open Top  Anywhere
Take a photo of a demolition derby car without roof.
80px WikiPlaceholder Wreck  Big Land, TX
Abandoned gas station near Winslow, lonely Demolition Derby car.
80px WikiPlaceholder War Rider  Lake Mead, NV
Ride on the back of the giant elephant at Freestyle HQ with a Demolition Derby car.
80px WikiPlaceholder Abondened Car  Anywhere
Take a demolition derby and a wreck car (between Black Mount and Joshua Tree Land)

Pro RacingEdit

Pro Line-UpEdit

Photo Map Details
80px WikiPlaceholder Proto Water  Anywhere
Photo of the Proto Offshore MK2 Powerboat.
TC2GrandTour WikiPlaceholder Grand Tour  Anywhere
Photo of the Aston Martin Vulcan Touring Car (Pro Racing Ultimate)
80px WikiPlaceholder Another Edge  Anywhere
Photo of the Zivko Edge 540 V3 Air Race.
TC2Stylissimo WikiPlaceholder Stylissimo  Anywhere
Photo of the Ferrari 488 GT3 Touring Car.
TC2OnYourMark WikiPlaceholder On Your Mark  Anywhere
Photo of the Proto Alpha Mark II Alpha Grand Prix.
TC2PowerboatLineUp WikiPlaceholder Powerboat Line-Up  Anywhere
Photo of 2 Powerboat boats, including Vector V40R.
TC2AirRaceLineUp WikiPlaceholder Air Race Line-Up  Anywhere
Photo of 2 Air Race planes.
TC2SealCrew WikiPlaceholder Seal Crew  Anywhere
Photo of 2 Pro Racing vehicles, covering SEA & AIR.

Elite PilotEdit

Photo Map Details
TC2HeadStart WikiPlaceholder Head Start  Little Eagle Speedrome
Perform a burn at the starting grid of Little Eagle Speedrome. (south of Detroit)
TC2LowBlow WikiPlaceholder Low Blow  San Francisco, CA
Fly above the finish line of The Giants Race Track (n. of San Francisco) with an Air Race plane.
TC2CentralShowOff WikiPlaceholder Central Show-Off  New York City, NY
Fly in High Speed above Central Park (New York) with an Air Race plane.
TC2Overtake WikiPlaceholder Overtake  Jersey Racing Track, NJ
Overtake another player on Jersey Racing Track. (west of New York)
80px WikiPlaceholder Mountain Pass  Jackson Hole, WY
Exit the tunnel toward Jackson Hole Valley (west of Chicago) at High speed.
TC2CruiseNGo WikiPlaceholder Cruise 'N Go  Key West, FL
Touch And Go on Key West's Cruise ship (south of Miami) with any plane.
TC2UnderTheBridge WikiPlaceholder Under The Bridge  Detroit, MI
Fly under the bridge near State Prison (north of Detroit) with an Air Race plane.
TC2Slipstream WikiPlaceholder Slipstream  Key West, FL
Perform a Slipstream with another player on Key West bridge (south of Miami) with a Touring Car.

Official TrackEdit

Photo Map Details
80px WikiPlaceholder Laguna  Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, CA
Aerial view of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. (north of Los Angeles)
TC2LittleEagle WikiPlaceholder Little Eagle  Little Eagle Speedrome
Aerial view of Little Eagle Speedrome. (south of Detroit)
80px WikiPlaceholder Long Island  Long Island Speedrome, NY
Aerial view of Long Island Speedrome. (east of New York)
TC2TheGiants WikiPlaceholder The Giants  The Giants Racetrack, CA
Aerial view of The Giants Race Track. (north of San Francisco
TC2GoldenHills WikiPlaceholder Golden Hills  The Golden Hills, NV
Aerial view of The Golden Hills Race Track. (south of Las Vegas
TC2MiamiOP WikiPlaceholder Miami  Miami, FL
Aerial view of The Miami Race Track. (west of Miami)
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