Escape the police 15 times without using NOS
Go to your HQ during a police chase
Escape a 5 star police chase 25 times
Maintain a 5 star police chase for more than 3.11 miles in FreeDrive
Escape the police while the arrest bar is over 65% full
Maintain a police chase between Chicago and NY
Gain 5 stars in FreeDrive
Trigger a police chase at night and escape in daylight
Pay over 1,500 bucks for a single fine
Escape the police at least once in each zone
Reach a speed of 217mph in a 5 star police chase
Escape a police pursuit 250 times in FreeDrive
Pay over 2,000 bucks for a single fine
Maintain police chases in FreeDrive for a combined total distance of 62 miles
Escape a total of 500 police stars
Escape a 5 star wanted rating without triggering the crash cam
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