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Work on your craft. This is the way to reach the perfect line.

The Pro Racing Motorsport Family is one of the Motorsports Families in The Crew 2.

  • Mentor: Alexis Kendrick - The Professor, wants Pro Racing to stay elite.
  • Rival: Clarence Bishop III - The Arrogant, wants to be the only winner.
  • Meeting Place: The Pit - The competitive buzz and fast pace of New York City is where the heart of this Family beats.


Alpha Grand Prix Vehicles Alpha GP[]

  • Terrain: Asphalt Circuit
  • Vehicle: Single-seater car
  • Challenge: Race on America's toughest circuits, experience the speed sensation in a whole new level, prove to them that you are the best.

Powerboats Power Boat[]

  • Terrain: Large river, sea, or city water zone
  • Vehicle: Power Boat
  • Challenge: Be ready to tame the roughest seas by steering this high-speed boat race! To win this competition, you will have to master every wave, including those created by your opponent.

Air Race planes Air Race[]

  • Terrain: Sky over cities or natural wonders
  • Vehicle: Race Plane
  • Challenge: Be the fastest, slaloming between air gates with specific level flight and/or flight orientation. To do so, you will have to master every inch of your environment.

Touring vehicles Touring Car[]

  • Terrain: Asphalt Circuit, long straight ways followed by curves
  • Vehicle: Heavily modified road-going car
  • Challenge: Take the wheel in a circuit where the fastest single seater cars compete against each other. Be fast, agile, and technical to claim the champion title.