Red Bull Drift Challenge S
Drift race
Normal: (115 / 240)
Object: 20,000 points
Reward TC2Followers.png1,800
Hard: (210 / 240)
Object: 77,000 points
Reward TC2Followers.png2,250
Ace: (240 / 240)
Object: 220,000 points
Reward TC2Followers.png2,520

Red Bull Drift Challenge South is a drift race in The Crew 2 that is taking part in the southern part of Central Park, New York City, New York. To participate in this race, players must have at least reached the famous fame level requiring a minimum of 55,500 followers.

The event starts near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and passes through some landmarks of central Manhattan such as the Columbus Circle and the Central Park Lake. Most of the event is not flat and features some sections that go up- and downhill. There are also typical city objects such as lighting poles, newsstands and benches as well as direction signs that players may want to avoid for their drifting combination scores to remain intact.

There is also a northern Red Bull Drift Challenge that is set in the northern part of Central Park as well as a drift event in the Upper East side with the same name that both share the same drive-in spot with this event.

Opening prologue[]

Latrell JordanSponsors open doors, it's as simple as that. Get yourself the right sponsor on board and you'll find yourself racing places you'd never dreamed you could. Like say, Central Park.

Race route[]