Featured in The Crew 2
ManufacturerRed Bull.png RB14
Red Bull RB14
TS >211 mph
>340 kmh
Power 900 bhp
Rating 282 / 340

The 2018 Red Bull RB14 is a British Formula One racing car manufactured by the Austrian, British based racing division of Red Bull, Red Bull Racing. Just like its RB13 predecessor, the Red Bull RB14 was specifically constructed to compete for Formula One racing but for the 2018 season where it was again driven by Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo and Dutch driver Max Verstappen. Out of the 21 races that the RB14 competed in, the RB14 won 4 races and managed to reach 13 podium positions.

Under the hood, the Red Bull RB14 comes equipped with an 1.6L Renault TAG Heuer V6 engine with a maximum rev capacity of 15,000 revolutions per minute. The RB14 weighs 145 kg (320 pounds).

The Crew 2

The Red Bull RB14 made its first appearance in The Crew 2 where it is listed as an TC2LogoA.png Alpha Grand Prix vehicle and is only available as such. The vehicle wasn't available on launch but was added later into the game alongside with the King of Mayhem update. Players can purchase the RB14 with either Cash 711,200 or with Credits 101,600.

Disruption edition

Disruption edition

At the same time with the release of the Red Bull RB14, a special Disruption edition was added to the game which also is listed as an and is only available as such. The car performs identical to the RB14 and the edition is based on the Disruption edition which features a special blue-black-white livery and exists in real life.[1] Players can purchase special RB14 Disruption edition with either Cash 1,001,000 or with Credits 143,000.