South Trip
Hypercar race
Normal: (230 / 320)
Object: Finish In The Top 3
Reward TC2Followers.png2,100
Hard: (290 / 320)
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png2,625
Ace: (320 / 320)
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png2,940

South Trip is a hypercar race in The Crew 2 that starts south of the Tucson Aircraft Cemetary in Black Mount, Arizona and ends just south of Palm Springs, California. The event was added post-launch on April 3rd, 2019 as part of "The Cloud Surfers" additions alongside with the Coastal Range to Los Padres street-race event.

To participate in this race, players must have at least reached Icon level 1 requiring a minimum of 178,000 followers.

The race features long straight roads with a mix of sharp forcing players to brake and loose corners allowing players to take corners in high speed. As the race takes place on a highway, the roads are wide allowing players plenty of room to overtake each other, however, there is some traffic featured which can for the most part be avoided by staying in the middle lane. Players should though be aware of the water barrels and road signs that may appear in this lane.

The time and weather of this event is fixed; it takes place on a cloud evening.

Race route[edit | edit source]

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