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n Status.


  • Popular
  • Famous
  • Star
  • Icon

At each new Status reached, players unlock new activities and disciplines. However, the journey to the top is far from finished once players hit Icon status; they can then continue leveling up from Icon 1 to Icon 9999.

For every level reached, players win an Icon point. Every 10 levels, players will receive loot. For every 100 levels (until level 600), they will be awarded a free vehicle: that’s 6 vehicles in total, including 1 exclusive.

A global leader board will display players’ level and ranking, and is visible in each Family HQ.

The Status of each HQ and personal has changed. Both the Offroad and Freestyle HQs have gotten another discipline in the Gator Rush and King Of Mayhem updates, being Hovercraft for Offroad at star level, and Demo Derby for Freestyle at popular level. This means that Jet sprint becomes available at famous level and Monster Truck available at Star.

You now can get three new vehicles at levels 700, 850, and 1,000 and after level 600 you can get legendary parts alongside the previous epic parts.