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Enter only if you have the guts, the heart and the will.

The Street Racing Motorsport Family is one of the Motorsports Families in The Crew 2.

  • Mentor: Latrell Jordan - The Father Figure, wants street racing to become legal.
  • Rival: Edgar "Tio" Marquez - The Bully, thinks street racing is illegal by nature.
  • Meeting Place: The Spot - A deserted parking lot in L.A., home of stars and ambition.


Hypercars Hypercar[]

  • Terrain: Highways and wide roads
  • Vehicle: Hypercar
  • Challenge: From New York to Los Angeles, be the fastest to reach the next city. In those long-distance races, no short cuts are allowed, only your speed and skills behind the wheel of the most prestigious cars will carry you to the finish line!

Drag cars Drag Race[]

  • Terrain: City asphalt straight line
  • Vehicle: Drag Car
  • Challenge: In those Drag Races, you better be the fastest on a short straight distance. Here, it is immediate performance that matters!

Street Racing Vehicles Street Race[]

  • Terrain: City streets, back alleys, rooftops
  • Vehicle: Street racing car or motorbike
  • Challenge: Race against the toughest pilots in USA's most legendary cities. To be the first on the finish line you will have to be the fastest and control every aspect of your engine.

Drift cars Drift[]

  • Terrain: Urban sinuous roads, circuits, or open areas
  • Vehicle: Drift Car
  • Challenge: Team up with your favorite drift car and perform the longest drift to get the highest score. If you think you are ready for some more, perform a series without bumping into anything and multiply your score!