Reach a 2X stunts multiplier
Perform 25 awesome jumps
Performer 30 awesome drifts
Perform 40 awesome oncomings
Perform 50 awesome overtakes
Perform 35 insane collaterals
Perform all stunt types in a single stunts combo
Perform a minute-long stunts combo
Perform a 2,000 point stunts combo in the airplane graveyard
Perform 25 epic stunts
Finish a stunt combo with earnings between 500 bucks-750 bucks
Lose the cops while maintaining a stunts combo
Perform a 1,500 point stunts combo in Chicago airport
Earn 3,000 bucks from a Multiplayer stunt combo
Earn a total of 100,000 bucks from stunts
Perform an unbroken stunts combo from San Francisco Hills to South of Market
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