Featured in The Crew 2
ManufacturerTVRBlack.png Griffith
TVR Griffith
TS >200 mph
>322 kmh
Power 500 bhp
Rating 199 / 280

The 2017 TVR Griffith is a British sports car manufactured by TVR. It is the first model part of the second generation of the TVR Griffith that was produced between 1991-2002 in Blackpool. The Griffith was revealed at the Goodwood Revival festival in 2017 coinceding with the manufacturer's 70th anniversary.

The vehicle was designed by Gordon Murray and is assembled in Whiteley, Surrey with production expected to be launched in 2019. The first set of TVR Griffith's to be released is the Launch Edition model which is limited to 500 units.

Under the hood, the TVR Griffith comes equipped with a 5.0L Ford Coyote V8 engine that is capable of developing 500 horsepower.

The Crew 2[]

The TVR Griffith made its first appearance in The Crew 2 where it was added in the game as part of the 2018 October vehicle drop on October 31st alongside with the drift edition of the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34). It is also the first time that the second generation TVR Griffith has made an appearance in a video game.

Players can pick up the vehicle as a TC2LogoSR.png street racing vehicle which it is only available as with either Cash 401,800 or with Credits 57,400. Previously, the Griffith was an exclusive to players who owned a season pass. Regular players were granted access to the vehicle on November 7th, 2018.

Peppermint Edition[]

A special variant of the Griffith named Peppermint Edition is a customized version of the car that features altered fenders, bumpers, rear wing with the Union Jack featured on its roof and mirrors. It was only obtainable by reaching top 3,000 leaderboard position (platinum) in The Brits LIVE Summit between April 1-8, 2020 as well as November 4-11, 2020.

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