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Template:Infobox/TheCrew2/race is a template infobox used to display informative details about races in The Crew 2. This is documentation about what the numbers and abbreviations stand for. Do not use this infobox for skill events. There will be a different template for that coming soon.


  • |1: Enter this if the pagename does not correspond with the actual name of the race; example: Inglewood (Motocross) => insert Inglewood into parser 1. If pagename does match the actual name of the race then leave this parser blank.
  • |2: Determines what type of race it is. Use the two letters used in-game; example: street race => SR; hypercar => HC; etc. This will determine the color of the infobox as well as display what type of event this race is below the title race.
    • Red Bull sponsored drift events are a bit special. Insert "DFRB" and the infobox will give a blue color
  • |3: File name for the race. Should use the following file name; example: "TC2SREvent2.png" or "TC2RRPortfoliage.png". Please preferrably use .png
  • |4: Rating: easy
  • |5: Followers: easy
  • |6: Bucks: easy
  • |7: Rating: hard
  • |8: Followers: hard
  • |9: Bucks: hard
  • |O1: Easy object
  • |O2: Hard object
  • |T1: Easy time trial limit (format
  • |T2: Hard time trial limit (format
    • Note that O1+T1 x O2+T2 can be used at the same time. If no value is given then these two rows will not render in the infobox.
Normal: ({{{4}}} / )
Reward TC2Followers.png
Hard: ({{{7}}} / )
Reward TC2Followers.png
Ace: ( / )
Reward TC2Followers.png