The Charity Event
Drift race
Normal: (110 / 240)
Object: 10,000 points
Reward TC2Followers.png1,800
Hard: (210 / 240)
Object: 70,000 points
Reward TC2Followers.png2,250
Ace: (240 / 240)
Object: 210,000 points
Reward TC2Followers.png2,520

The Charity Event is one of two drift races in The Crew 2 that takes place in the Los Angeles Harbor area alongside with the drift race with the same name.

To participate in this race, players must have at least reached the popular fame level requiring a minimum of 18,000 followers.

The Charity Event is part of the main storyline in-game and starts out with an introduction featuring the voice of Latrell Jordan describing that the main purpose of this charity event is to show that the crew can perform their business of driving in a legitimate way and give out a positive image of their activites.

The drift race route starts out with a minor sprint that players must complete before they can get to the circuit. Most of the event takes place on land and asphalt, however, there are parts of the race where players must drift on a parked cargo ship in the harbor.

Race route[]