The Crew is a racing video game co-developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections and published by Ubisoft for Playstation 4, Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving game, developed exclusively for next-gen consoles and high-end PCs that leverage new hardware capabilities to connect players online like never before. The Crew takes you and your friends on a wild ride across a massive, open-world recreation of the United States that is loaded with exciting challenges. Generous in content and tailored for the connected generation, The Crew is the next-gen game that redefines action-driving.

Story[edit | edit source]

The story is focused on Alex Taylor, one of the best drivers in the country. After a race, he is visited by his brother Dayton Taylor, the leader "V8" and founder of the 5-10 Motor Club. He asks Alex to take him to Ambassador Bridge in order to meet Dennis "Shiv" Jefferson, a V4 as some money have been gone missing. There, Dayton went to talk to Shiv, only for the latter to shoot him in the back, leaving the scene. Alex, trying to rescue his brother, is arrested by some FBI agents and is send to jail.

5 years later, Alex is visited by another FBI agent name Zoe. She proposes to catch Shiv and "dirty" agent special Bill Coburn as the latter framed him. Alex accepts her proposition and is released from prison.

Then, Zoe explains that the 5-10 has changed over the 5 years, from being an "illegal street-racing club to a sophisticated gang network", with chapters expanding in every state of the USA : boosted cars go in the South West and contraband comes back in the North West. Alex also learns that Coburn and Shiv are associated : Coburn provides protection from law enforcment, while Shiv does the job. He also learns that he became V8 and that the 5-10 denote rank by tatoos :

  • V, 5-10 Chauffeur;
  • V2, V-Twin;
  • V4, 4 Blocker/4 Banger;
  • V6, Hard Six;
  • V8, King V/Big Block/Big Eight.

Zoe explains that if they find the evidence against Coburn, they'll take down Shiv altogether.

Midwest Chapter[edit | edit source]

Their first start is for Alex to gain 5-10 member Troy in order to get his 5-10 tatoo to enter the 5-10s. Successfully winning his races, Troy porposes many jobs to Alex, but his last job is to take down the St-Louis V2. As Alex immobolized her, but didn't kill her, Troy sent his men to kill Alex for sparing her, although for nothing as the V2 has been found by Troy and killed. As Alex escaped Troy's men and that the mission failed, they are back to the start point.

With this failure, Zoe and Alex try again with another 5-10 member named Herschel. His deal with Alex is to beat Troy, get him V4 and he'll make sure Alex will have his first ink.

In the meantime, Zoe's french colleague called Omar is coming to help Alex's crew, in exchange for winning one race for him to prove Zoe's choice.

As Alex wins more races for Herschel, he hires Alex to remplace a test driver in order to steal his test car to give it to a V6. As Alex was about to take the circuit's exit, Troy heard about their plans and sent his men again to stop Alex, unsuccessfully. With that mission done, Herschel became V4 and Alex earned his 5-10 ink.

Reuniting with Harry[edit | edit source]

After that, Alex sought to Harry, asking him to help him. But the latter accepts reluctantly as he doesn't want Alex to meet the same fate as his brother Dayton because of the 5-10.

East Coast Chapter[edit | edit source]

Harry explains the situation in the East Coast : high performance cars comes from Europe, while money and "merchandise" goes out and the coast is run by Eric Tsu, V6. He's been "tight" with Shiv since the latter was 13 years old, having "each others' backs".

But since Eric is mentally unstable, he's been suspected to steal car shipments, but as he's close to Shiv, no 5-10 member "dares accuse him without proof". If Eric doesn't get back the missing money, Harry mentions the possibility of an internal war, which can become worse and can cause civilian casualties.

If Alex helps Eric getting the missing money back fast enough to avoid this, his chances to get ranked up in the 5-10 may be augmentated.

When Alex meets and wins against Eric Tsu, he instantly hires him to help him out.

Meanwhile, an unknown person calls Alex to take cases to the airport, which are "worth more than your life and extremely fragile". Successfully done, Alex tries to ask its name, only for that person to keep watching him. Just then, Alex asks Zoe where does the call from and they guess it might comes from Coburn, as it came from a FBI building.

At some point, Harry is gone missing for a moment and Zoe asks Alex to find him, only for him to see him with a woman.

When doing jobs and races for Tsu, Alex begins to have suspicions about Harry because he's began to hide things from him. One job reveal Harry's doing : when stopping a car thief for Tsu, the driver informs Alex that he merely bought it from Harry and let him go.

On his way to meet Harry and finding out about his actions, Alex quickly understand that Harry has been stealing cars from the 5-10s and giving the money to that same woman he saw earlier, only to find out the truth : Harry's been helping Connie, Dayton's girlfriend and her 5 years old son Ben, Alex's nephew. After what happened to Dayton, Connie was so scared that she made Harry promise to no tell Alex about her situation.

After that misunderstand cleared, Alex decides to help Harry, Connie and Ben. Just then, Alex pulls out one more job and race for Tsu and finally cover the debt.

As Alex steals a car from a duel race, he picks up Connie and Ben to a bus, where they're going somewhere safe. Alex mentions that Ben will never be able to meet his father, but Harry reassures him as "he'd been a great father".

With those jobs done, Alex is promoted V2.

Finding Alita[edit | edit source]

Alex meets Alita, Shiv's former girlfriend, in a garage, when she tries to steal a car. As Alex mentions the scars, he proposes to Alita to stop Shiv so she can finally live normally without being forced to change places.

The South Chapter[edit | edit source]

According to Alita, this is "no man's land". Many 5-10s tried to dominate this zone for years, but they all died trying because of its ruler Cameron "Cam" Rockport. Many people who knows him fears him because of his aggressive and ruthless driving. To own the South, Alex must convinces the local drivers to join the 5-10s and defeat Cam.

As he convinces Cam's drivers to run with the 5-10s, Cam meets Alex and warns him about meeting the same end as Shiv's men did.

While doing divers missions to get close to Cam and taking him down, one mysterious call tells Alex to run as Cam tipped off the cops to catch him, which ended with Alex escaped and tells him that it will watching him.

Another call comes and the first unknown call from Detroit is revealed to be Coburn. He hires Alex to do some jobs for him, but his last is to kill a "man interfering in my affairs". Hearing this, Alex calls Zoe to find a solution to get that man to safety in order to lure Coburn that he's dead.

Following Cam's defeat, Alex saves him from Coburn and figures out that Alex isn't running for Shiv, but against him. During the escape, it is revealed that Cam's girlfriend died because of Shiv, so he wished Alex to make him suffer.

For owning the South for Shiv, Alex is now V4.

Meeting Roxanne/r0xx0r[edit | edit source]

Alex is seen drinking a simple cup of coffee when his phone starts to ring : a hacker named r0xx0r proposes to join Alex's crew "if you help me find my missing sister", to which he agrees. The young lady he saw earlier presents herself as r0xx0r, AKA Roxanne. While driving, she reveals that she searches for Daria, her sister who joined the 5-10s and has gone missing.

Moutain States Chapter[edit | edit source]

Roxanne informs that "local cops reported a surge in performance traffic", as there was always something wrong with every ride they pulled over.

The money seized by the police was spent on better equipment and no one was being bribed so 5-10s business is suffreing from it. Since Shiv can't fix that problem, Roxanne suggests that they intentionally take the off-road to avoid the cops. If the money passes through Moutain States, Shiv will make Alex V6.

While successfully doing races for the 5-10s and jobs for Roxanne, Alex asks a driver in parallel about her sister, what has become of her. He replies that he doesn't know, but will ask around.

As events passed, he eventually calls Alex back, only to tell him that she died, to which comes to Roxanne, much to her pain.

At some point, Alex stops many of Coburn's men so he may be arrested with evidence. After that, Zoe asks Alex to collect different packages which contain evidence against Coburn and his unit. As he finish collecting them, Coburn sees him, but Alex tracks him to the airport where he is arrested by Zoe on "suspicion of laundering, conspiracy to defraud, murder" and every other crimes Zoe has found against him.

Coburn was found guilty for his crimes and imprisoned.

Seeing how the business went good, Shiv promoted Alex to V6.

Meeting Vincent[edit | edit source]

Vincent is seen doing a stunt scene for a film, just as he was about to take his break, Alex comes to meet him, recommended by Harry. He mentionned that he'd unserstand Alex's personnal vendetta against Shiv and Vincent joins him. The reason Vincent joins Alex is because he was a professional racer, but had to end his career because of a 5-10 member who made a bet.

West Coast Chapter[edit | edit source]

Vincent explains that this is where the Face-Off is gonna happen. If Alex wanna get close to Shiv, he's gonna have to win. He also tells him that he should be careful about the choices he is going to make after the Face-Off.

After winning races, Alex must break Troy out of prison to get Shiv's favors. Just after his break, Troy is surprised to see Alex again after he neutralized him in the Midwest.

While racing against 5-10s members, notably Eric Tsu and Herschel, Alex meets an acquaintance of Vincent who gives him a gun so he can kill Shiv.

When he has to meet Troy, Alex realized that the latter set him up, but managed to escape. A moment later, he finds him and takes him down, with Troy being arrested by the police.

As Alex wins the Face-Off, Shiv proposes to organize a celebration spot for Alex, but actually, it was a trap as Shiv learned via Shiv that Alex has been working with the FBI, so he put a bounty on Alex. Every 5-10s in the state tried to kill him, only to fail.

When Alex finds Shiv's location, he confronts him about what happened 5 years at Ambassador Bridge. Shiv is surprised as he didn't know Alex's connection with his brother Dayton, whom he killed. As Alex mentionned Dayton Taylor, the entire crowd shuttered that he is the V8's little brother. As Shiv ask why Alex doesn't pull the trigger to kill him if that's true, the V6 replies "Because we're 5-10s. We settle things on the road. A V8 should know that'.

Claiming that he will take everything from Shiv, including his brother's V8 ink, they both proceed to the final race.

After the race, Shiv tells to Alex that he doesn't give up, but immediately flees as the FBI shows up to arrest him, only for Alex to chase him down and gets Shiv arrested by the FBI for his crimes.

Shiv was implied that he admitted killing Dayton.

Ending[edit | edit source]

With both Shiv and Coburn arrested now imprisoned for a Indefinite amount (possibly life) and presumably left to rot and with Dayton now able to rest in peace, with Alex's charges on him doing fratricide are now dropped and he was found innocent. Alex is now a free man, explains his love for racing.

 “  The road is my life. Driving's what I do. Always has been, always will be. It's where I set things straight. It took a lot from me. My brother. 5 years in jail. But it gave me my crew. The 5-10s. My new family. I guess that makes us even. The road is my life. I'll never stop driving. And I'll never drive alone.
— Alex Taylor

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