The Delivery
Air race
Normal: (120 / 270)
Time: 03:57.672
Reward TC2Followers.png2,100
Hard: (230 / 270)
Time: 03:31.249
Reward TC2Followers.png2,625
Ace: (270 / 270)
Time: 03:24.881
Reward TC2Followers.png2,940

The Delivery is an event in The Crew 2. Despite being marked as an air race event in-game, The Delivery is actually a full on Alpha Grand Prix time trial event that starts out near an airfield near Carmel in the Big Sur area of California and heads down south on Highway 1 to Los Angeles, California with the finish line located near the Los Angeles Airport.

This event is part of the in-game storyline. In the event, it is told by Alexis that the player must transport an airplane down to Los Angeles. However, when the player arrives to the airfield, Hiro who is also present on the scene spots a Proto Alpha Mark II and suggests that the player should drive the Alpha Mark II down to Los Angeles instead of flying and film the experience in order to gather some views and followers.

As most of the event takes place on Highway 1 in central California, a road that features many sharp corners; players may want to be cautious and use the brake in time in order to not enter a corner with too much speed and thus fall of the road. Most of the road is also narrow.

Once the event is completed, players will see one of the parked Boeing airplanes lift off from the Los Angeles airport. As the event is marked as an air race, players will also be receiving air race performance parts and not any alpha grand prix parts making it entirely possible to max out an air racing plane's performance without ever having used an airplane for air racing.

Opening prologue[]

Alexis KendrickFrom where I'm sitting, you've been slacking on flight practice, which is why I'm arranging for you to get some. You'll be handing a transport flight down to L.A. Airport for me. You'll be meeting your ride at the airfield on the 1. Try not to be late; this one's got a deadline.

Race route[]