The Keys To The City
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png4,200
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png5,250
Object: Win The Race
Reward TC2Followers.png5,880

The Keys To The City is one of four rival races in The Crew 2 and the main rival race event in the Street Racing Motorsport Family. In this event, players have to take down Tio Marquez in a hypercar and a street car race from Key West to Miami via the Florida Keys in Florida.

In order to complete the event, players must finish first regardless of difficulty level. Once players have completed the race, they will be given a free McLaren P1 that can be claimed at "The Spot" as well as a completion mark for the "Ruler of the Streets" achievement.

Opening prologue[edit | edit source]

Latrell JordanYou may think you've had some tough races. You're wrong. This one is for all the marbles. It's a head to head showdown with Tio on the streets of Florida, hypercar and then pure street racing. You win, and you're the top of The List, ruler of the streets. You lose... we're not going to talk about losing. Got no place for it. You can do this.

Race route[edit | edit source]

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