The South map.

The South is a geographic region in The Crew.  It is comprised of low mountains, rolling hills, farmland, and lowlands, as well as coastal regions and beaches.

It is the second largest region, after the Mountain States.

The Performance Tuner and The South's skills are automatically unlocked at level 20.





  • The region hosts the only standalone Follow mission in the entire game (the others would be in multi-stage missions)
  • You can actually see the Shuttle Launch from Cape Canaveral! Go to the map, and find the landmark named "Shuttle Launch" (if you have already found the nearby Data Station).
  • Sadly, in-game Daytona does not host a racetrack.
  • It is clear to notice, but when you are entering Texas, you will notice the grass color changes from green to a wheat-ish color. Texas is the only part of the South to have this.