Vanity Items are a set of visually customizable parts that players can equip onto their vehicles. Vanity Items are a feature exclusive to The Crew 2 and does not exist in the first title. They were added to the game on April 24, 2019 as part of the Hot Shots update.


Vanity Items can only be purchased with crew credits from the Far & Beyond Shopping Company but are otherwise often featured as a reward in the LIVE Summit. The cost of a vanity item is dependent of its rating (Common/Rare/Epic). Some of the vanity items featured in the Summit are exclusive to the Summit and cannot be purchased.

So far, only smokes and tires can be purchased from the Far & Beyond Shopping company. Not all smokes and tires are applicable on every vehicle in-game. On November 13, 2019 became possible to purchase underglow from the vanity store. Since March 25, 2020 it is now also possible for players to purchase 2D emotes, customizable horns and nitro as well as window tints. Before a player obtains an item from the Far & Beyond shop, a menu showcasing all vehicles a vanity item can be equipped on will appear.

Players will also have the option to preview any vanity item before they make their purchase.


It's important to note that vanity items are only visually customizable parts. They have no effect on the performance of a vehicle if an item is installed.

Players who have won a vanity item from participating in a LIVE Summit will be able to find their parts in their Home under the customize tab.

Smokes[edit | edit source]


Purchaseable smokes[edit | edit source]

  • Blue lightning smoke (Epic) - Credits 70,000
  • Blue smoke (Common) - Credits 25,000 (featured in Two-Wheeler)
  • Low poly red smoke (Common) - Credits 25,000
  • Prismatic blue smoke (Epic) - Credits 70,000
  • Turquoise gem smoke (Rare) - Credits 40,000

Defunct[edit | edit source]

  • Crown-shaped smoke (Common) - Credits 25,000
  • Golden smoke (Epic) - Credits 70,000
  • Green smoke - Credits 25,000
  • Multi-color smoke (Rare/Several combinations) - Credits 40,000
  • Orange smoke (Common) - Credits 25,000
  • Purple smoke (Common) - Credits 25,000

Smokes exclusive to the LIVE Summit[edit | edit source]

  • Blue smoke (Common) - featured in Two-Wheeler
  • French touch (Rare) - featured in So French
  • Full spectrum smoke (Rare) - featured in Sunshine States
  • Red smoke (Common) - featured in Rising Sun
  • Muli-color smoke (Rare/Several combinations)
  • Pink storm smoke (Epic) - featured in One Track Mind
  • Star shaped smoke (Common) - featured in Polar Rush
  • Wild palm leaves smoke (Rare) - featured in H2O

Tires[edit | edit source]


Purchaseable tires[edit | edit source]

  • Arctic tire (Common) - Credits 10,000
  • Blue Endurfix tire (Common) - Credits 10,000 (featured in Red Bull Spirit)
  • Blue tire (Common) - Credits 10,000
  • French touch tire (Rare) - Credits 25,000 (featured in LIVE Summit/So French)
  • Prismatic blue tire (Epic) - Credits 40,000
  • Rally French tire (Rare) - Credits 25,000
  • Striped SquadX tire (Common) - Credits 10,000

Defunct[edit | edit source]

  • Green tire (Common) - Credits 10,000 (featured in Untamed Italians)
  • Inner green tire (Rare) - Credits 25,000
  • Outer green tire (Rare) - Credits 25,000
  • Outer purple tire (Rare) - Credits 25,000
  • Pure gold tire (Epic) - Credits 40,000
  • Purple tire (Common) - Credits 10,000
  • Neon blue tire (Epic) - Credits 40,000
  • Outer white tire (Rare) - Credits 25,000
  • Red Bushimura tire (Common) - Credits 10,000
  • SquadX tire (Common) - Credits 10,000

Tires exclusive to the LIVE Summit[edit | edit source]

Underglow[edit | edit source]

Purchasable underglow[edit | edit source]

  • Prismatic underglow (Epic) - Credits 70,000
  • Red underglow (Common) - Credits 25,000

Underglows exclusive to the LIVE Summit[edit | edit source]

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